IOS 6 Beta Wifi Problems | iPhone 5 – 4S Wireless Issue [Solution]

IOS 6 Wifi not workingYesterday, i got a question from my reader about how to fix wifi problem with iphone 5 which he was purchased recently. That was really great miss handle from apple which users was facing after upgrading latest IOS 6.0 Beta. And finally there are numerous users who also demand the same solution about wireless connectivity problem with their idevices. Basically this this bug come from software update and non of solution comes from apple officially right now.

How to Fix IOS 6 Beta Wifi Problem?

As new iOS 6 was recently introduced and it reported that 15% of iphone subscribers upgrade there iOS software within next day. In this era its too difficult for us when we can’t able to connect with wireless connection or our iphone wifi not working.

There are many forums where this issue is being under discussion but when it comes to what apple think about this serious wireless issue its head that apple going to make replacement who are bearing iphone wireless problem. Many of iPad and iphone 4s, 5 users become victim of this issue the very supporting solution come’s from one of expert.

Solution for IOS 6 Wifi not working:

First of all go to “Setting” and select “Reset” option then search for “Reset Network Setting” this will required your current wifi password and that’s it. If you really get your wifi as normal and solve your wireless issue then let us know via comments.


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